Be With Jesus, Be Like Jesus, Be For Jesus

Available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook, Be With Jesus, Be Like Jesus, Be For Jesus is short (100 pages), biblical (577 scripture citations), and seeks to persuasively explain why the key to both Christian maturity and a national spiritual awakening is agape love that focuses on three things: intimacy with the Lord, sanctification, and mission. The premises of Be With Jesus, Be Like Jesus, Be For Jesus are most powerfully developed in a three-session conference led by Doug, with a copy of the book provided to each participant. 

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…This book stays with my small stack of material used for personal bible study…. Getting love right, intimacy with Jesus, putting to death what is earthly inside, being a hearer and doer of the Word, and denial of self are all places I was challenged. While they were areas of challenge, they were also areas of encouragement because I can feel the Spirit inside of me being stirred toward those things. Another area of great encouragement was the Appendix (Women Are The Key To The Next Great Awakening). I have blatantly, and in more hidden ways been greatly hurt by the patriarchal system that exists in much of the church. So it was greatly encouraging that perhaps the next generation of women who feel called into ministry will not experience the same oppression as many who have gone before them. I am incredibly thankful for ministers like yourself who believe women have a place at the table.”

Gina Salyer

… A motivational and theological gem. You are nailing the balance between simplicity and profundity…. I’m amazed who vast it is in such a small package.

Pastor Andy Barnes

If you want to learn more about a closer walk with the Lord Jesus, and what life with Him can be, and be a part of the “New Awakening” in our world, I heartily recommend this book.

Josie Reid

There is much to your book and its title focus is right on! Thank you for bringing it to the body, ‘FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS’.

Terry Whitson

I love your describing new wine and new wine skins. Obviously, I've heard this before, but yours is the clearest, most sensible description I've ever seen on the subject…. I love ‘Revival must always start with conviction of sin’…. I LOVE THIS BOOK!! You have done an amazing job on this, and I pray that God gives it favor not just in this country, but around the world.

Terry Franklin

I just finished reading the book and loved every segment… Most of all I just thrilled at your total reliance on Scripture. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to find someone who has your kind of confidence in the Scriptures.

Pastor Tuck Knupp